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Thanks for connecting with QuickMigration and using the software and services. We are located in India for providing you best services.

With the software and services, you are accepting the conditions mentioned below. We are requesting to have a look with awareness before getting the services of us. Please carefully read the terms and conditions before installing, using or distributing this software application.

Using Our Services

Don’t Misuse our Services or Products: You may use our services or products only as acceptable by law. The company is probably restricted to use our software/service for any illegal use. We may suspend or stop providing our Services if you do not fulfill with our terms or policies.

Don't use wrongly our Tools & Services: You can utilize legally QuickMigration's products and services; if you misuse our any service or don’t fulfill our terms and conditions then we can stop or suspend our providing services to you.

About QuickMigration in Our Services or Products

When a Service or product requires any additional downloadable software that time this software may update automatically on your PC. You can also claim for software updates if included with your order.

Uses of Our Software/Service

The company provides different licenses of software which can be used for both personal and business purposes. Every license has different features including few limitations.

To Temper or Change and conclude our services

In case if we found you against our terms and conditions then we are free to modify or terminate our services at any time. If you use our software for any illegal purpose, then you will be responsible for that

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